Monday, April 14, 2014



Here at "Casale il Baronetto" your holiday is really eco-friendly!  We respect the environment reducing waste and Co2 emissions and supporting actively energies. We eat and cook in a eco-friendly way the products we grow. We believe in electric mobility and we support bartering. We dispose of many well equipped apartments: " Il Sole" e " La luna"  are annexed to the main building and  "Il Covo" and " Il Nido" are instead located in the beautiful medieval village of Penne.
It´s time to walk new roads.

  New buildings are no longer an option and we have to recover  existing structures. We have to produce energy in different ways, reuse water and cultivate sustainable . 

Changing life is really possible, it doesn't take much. We just need to cut down on our consumption, living in  low- cost places where houses are affordable and then make them comfortable and sustainable, wit our own effort.

We produce most of what we need: food, energy, water for our vegetable garden and surely we can and we will do even more, because this is only the beginning.

Since when I stopped to go every morning in the office,  I live with less and I  try to use my time as best as I can. I am feeling different and better, because the time I dispose now is all about my projects, my dreams,   it´s for me and for the people I love the most.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Cascina Rodiani is a family run eco Room & Breakfast with a low environmental impact. Its eco sustainable touristic activities date back to the renovation of a colonial house in the 1600's and the repossession of its surrounding grounds.

Located on top of a hill within the Spina Verde Regional Park, the farmstead features stunning panoramic views, especially at sunset, over the valley and eastern Alps.  At the same time you can enjoy long relaxing walks, hiking, bike rides and horse riding, due to start shortly, in the park, along the alps or around Lakes Como and Lugano.

These well known Lakes offer numerous water sports, sailing activities and the opportunity to visit the neoclassic country homes and botanic gardens. Casina Rodiani is an ideal choice for a healthy, relaxing holiday in a historical and natural setting. 

This ambitious project, which dates back to 2011, is the result of creative minds and the different passions of those who have envisioned it.

During the restoration works, particular attention was paid in maintaining and further enhancing the unique style of the building. At the same time the concepts of “reuse, repurpose, recycle and reduce” were applied both for building materials, furniture and the everyday running of the farmhouse ranging from water to food, waste and electrical systems. In the future we intend to turn the farmhouse's 3 acres into landscape and agriculture requalifying projects.

All essential elements for what is known as Green Hospitality.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Ichnusa is a unique eco-friendly sailing ship.  Unique in that it combines high technical features with comfortable designed living space including 2 spacious bathrooms and 4 double cabins. It is internally fitted out with the warmth of wood and offers many innovative and practical features.

Unique, a real attraction when both anchored, harboured or under sail.

We are talking about a Ketch, a two-masted sailing vessel, equipped with stay, designed as a prototype by Dick Carter in 1982. The boat was built at the Comet shipyard in Pesaro, Italy and is presently harboured in Cagliari. The boat features a wooden structure, hull made of fiberglass, central cockpit, teak flush deck and wheel-house positioned at the rear of the boat. The cockpit can be converted into a table for 8/10 people with an overhead awning.

Ichnusa is an ideal compromise between resistance and performance with the power to hoist all 5 sails at the same time and enable navigation even in light winds.

Ichnusa is part of the “Project Zero” salvage and in 2012 was equipped with a battery run electric engine rechargeable with eolian and photovoltaic panel generators,  with black/grey water system and a desalination implant for portable water. As there is no need for a fuel tank on board a water supply tank of up to 700 litres has been installed.

Mathias Reiter, Skipper of the boat and promoter of the project says " Sailing is not only a means of enjoyment and relaxation but also a lesson of Life: on one hand there is the formation where everyone must work in a team performing simple and practical sailing manoeuvres, on the other hand a sense of responsibility and respect for others where work sharing and living conditions are concerned.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Cascina Gilli is located in Castelnuovo Don Bosco, in the Monferrato, on a spine of hilltops of  white soil completely grown by vineyard.

Gianni Vergano has bottled his first Freisa in 1985 and since then, going trough his patience and passionate effort, worked for the preservation and requalification of grapes that were almost extinguished elsewhere: Freisa, Bonarda Piemonte and Malvasia di Schierano.
Is particularly because of the  Freisa that Cascina Gilli stands as one of Asti´s most influential wineries.  We are so well known for Malvasia Gilli, a dessert sweet wine that is characterized by his intriguing aroma and freshness.  

Our engage and competence in wine production, including an excellent Barbera d´Asti, has been confirmed both by many and loyal costumers and gratifying judgments from the most well-established wine guides, with the result that Cascina Gilli stands as one of Asti´s most prestigious wineries.

The winery, completely surrounded by vineyards, is structured by a modern but well concealed from the outside wine-cellar and by the eighteenth-century Villa that has been just restructured.
In here are located two spacious rooms where we offer our wine tasting to our guests.
The measures took to restore the Villa have fully respected the original configuration in order to lessen its impact on the landscape and the surrounding area.

The farmhouse is always ready to welcome the numerous tourists which want to discover this beautiful spot in the Monferrato that offers at the same time examples of Romanesque art and together sits in the deep untouched nature. 
Near Cascina Gilli you can find Vezzolano Abbey a beautiful treasure of Romanesque Art. 
Accommodations for short time are also possible in the farmhouse, enjoying the magnificent quiet surrounded by vineyards.  

Sunday, November 17, 2013


Italy Sustainable Travel is an agency which acts as a mediator between that which is sustainable and responsible in Italy and the client (tour operator, single travelers, families, food and handcrafted products distributors).
Our objective is to show the world this vision of Italy – unique, invaluable and working to uphold and conserve its cultural and artistic heritage. It’s an Italy made of people who give value and dedication to this heritage.
Tour operator
We are mapping out all that is sustainable and of good quality in Italy. On our website you can find for your clients places to sleep, eat, do activities and shopping (periodically updated).
With one click a map shows you all the destinations of sustainable Italy.
With one click you can see the profiles of the associated businesses.
With one click you can contact them.
Would you like to create a unique and unforgettable trip to offer your clients? A “once in a lifetime” experience? A Grand Tour of Italy? A wedding which becomes an extraordinary experience? A weekend of enriching and incredible surprises?
Italy Sustainable Travel is at your service. We have a very well researched database of all the best places, activities and local guides as well as being experts in creating tailor-made experiences for clients. With us and our partners you can create journeys in the most beautiful and sustainable destinations in Italy - the destinations where art and culture are at the core of people working to preserve their incredible Italian heritage:
Single and family travel
Would you live to visit Italy in the way of the Grand Tour?
To get to know the Italy made of people that you would otherwise never have heard of, where the cultural traditions are still very much alive?
To live an experience which caters to all your five senses? To take a journey which gives you the options of rare and exclusive places to stay, eat, shop and do activities in the places in Italy where sustainability and excellence are a given? Do you want to get to know and come into contact with the people in Italy who are working to protect and conserve their human, artistic and cultural heritage? Would you like to live a unique and unforgettable experience?
Write to us and tell us what you want for your trip - we will construct for you a sustainable and invaluable experience.

Are you looking for sustainable food and wines and handcrafted products ? Would you like this to arrive to your door? With us you have a vast selection of the best products from small family run businesses who work to maintain the high quality, authenticity and originality of Italian produce, often certified biological. With us it’s possible to order online, or to learn of the places where you can find these products for yourselves. If you are a distributor we are at your service to help in the selection of the best quality sustainable products in Italy. Beyond the online shop, we have an extensive database of producers who are dedicated to making high quality Italian produce in a way that is respectful to nature. Each and every product has a story behind it, the story of Italian excellence.

Monday, October 14, 2013

S´Argidda, Saffran, Sardinia


S’Agridda is a farm with ancient roots. For generations we have been passing down our passion for the cultivation of our precious earth and obtaining the products that our Sardinian soil offers. 

We cultivate simple products using traditional and biological methods, tending towards quality over quantity. We grow pulses, cereals and grains, but the real treasure is our saffron, a product typical of the region. Our saffron is branded Biological, D.O.P “Saffron of Sardinia,” and is officiated by the Slow Food movement, which are important testaments to its authenticity, origin and quality.

We leave the saffron in its natural form, as stigmas, which are the three red strands found at the centre of the flower. This demonstrates the purity of our saffron, something which cannot be discerned if it is reduced to a powder, as it often is, and mixed with substances of less value. For this reason our saffron has a very high potency: you need just 1 gram to flavour 5kg of rice!

The saffron flowers in November. Each morning we collect the flowers by hand, and in the evenings we carefully remove the stigmas from the flowers to be dried. Obtaining the final product requires a lot of work, and for this reason it is often given the name “red gold.”
Therapeutic properties: it is a powerful antioxidant, warding off the sings of ageing, it stimulates the metabolism, aids digestion and reduces the absorption of cholesterol and triglycerides in food.